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"Welcome to ClubNourish! Its a pleasure to see you here and we can assure you that if you are looking for great weight loss results, you are absolutely at the right place.. There must be a lot of questions running in your mind right now like Will I have to do a very strict diet ? Will I have to very difficult exercises ? Will there be any side effects ? Will i gain all the weight back again after losing it ? When we started our weight loss journey, we had the same questions in our mind. We have tried various programs and honestly this has been the best and the healthiest way to achieve a fantastic transformation .. Our Online Program with no strict dieting and home based exercises makes it easy to follow from anywhere and get great results.. We have achieved our weight loss 4 years ago and have been able to maintain it since then.. The best part is because of our healthy lifestyle we have overcome a lot of our health issues too.. All this could happen only because we decided to break our comfort zone and Start... So, just get started by applying and we are here to help you achieve your transformation.. Lets do it together :-)"
Dhanashree & Adwait Pitre,
ClubNourish Coach
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What You Get In The ClubNourish
Online Programme

#1: Meal Plans and Nutrition

  • ​Meals plans according to your food preferences
  • ​Nutrition recommended as per your need and goals.
  • ​Shopping lists
  • ​​Dining out options
  • ​Recipes and easy meal ideas

#2: Exercise & Lifestyle Improvement

  • ​Video tutorials for all exercises on your phone
  • ​Daily workout plans for home or gym
  • ​Mobility, strength and cardio workouts
  • ​Walking-running plans for fat loss

#3: Follow-up & Accountability

  • ​Regular weight and measurement checks, and journaling
  • ​Weekly Zoom call for motivation, problem solving and action plan for the week
  • ​24X7 WhatsApp support for daily support
  • ​Access to our Private Facebook ActiFit Community

#4: Education & Know-how

  • ​Ongoing support for all members, past and current
  • ​Weekly live sessions for educational snippets about nutrition and fitness
  • ​Weekly sharing of recipes, exercises, tips and tricks for weight maintenance

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Transformation Stories at ClubNourish

This year has been an eye opener for the entire world in so many ways. To me, it showed in the simplest way how unhealthy I have become. Trying to entertain my bored kids stuck inside our home for over a month, I couldn't keep up with them and a simple game of tag would tire me out in 5 mins. Although Adwait and Dhanashree (Dhanashree Pitre ) have been friends for long, my excuses always came in between. "There is no time" can't be an excuse this year. So I finally reached out and they readily helped me with anything and everything I needed in this journey. In spite of doing the program remotely and majorly inside the house, they never felt out of reach. What I learnt from the process - It takes more dedication than time. All thanks to my coaches Adwait and Dhanashree.
Nitin Pawar - USA - 10 kg Weight Loss

I am very happy to see myself transformed. And this became possible by the personalized program and mentoring given by Adwait. I tried various dieters which are famous on internet but every time the missing factor was one on one mentoring and holistic approach. Adwait gave me a balanced meal plan, Herbalife Nutrition support and suitable exercises which resulted in this transformation. I also learnt many things which are helpful to manage my own health and also my family's health for life long. All thank to Adwait and this wonderful program.
Amit Bhole - IT Professional - 15 kg weight loss

I was once a National level badminton player. Then when I started my IT career, my life became sedentary and in a span of 2 years I put on 20 kg. I was diagnosed with PCOD. I was looking for sustainable weight loss program since a long time and finally I met Dhanashree-Adwait and with their guidance I have been able to lose 16 kg till date. I feel energetic throughout the day. It feels fantastic!
Nupur Tiwari - IT Professional - 16 kg fat loss

Being a Film make and Editor, I have a very hectic schedule. I had put on a lot of weight due to sedentary lifestyle and untimely eating pattern.Before joining Adwait, I was trying hard to lose weight for my wedding but did not get satisfactory results. But I followed this program with discipline. Not only a weight loss but I experienced a lot of health benefits. Adwait guided me so well and because of his mentoring I could achieve these results. Now I feel energetic throughout a day and I am able to manage my stressful work in a better manner.
Gaurav Joshi - Film Maker & Editor - 25 kg weight loss

During childhood everyone wanted an extra hour of play and all i wanted is an extra hour to study books. I always dreaded P.T sessions in school.Eventually, desk job, team lunches, partying late night, sleeping a odd hours when i got my first job made me put on a lot of weight. The turning point in my life was when i couldn't climb uphill on a trip to mountains while my friends did with ease. First thing i did when i came back was to contact Adwait & Dhanashree. Today i weigh 10 kg lighter, feel absolutely awesome, understand the value of proper nutrition and love to exercise too..
Neha Kumari - IT Professional - 10 kg weight loss

After entering into IT profession my lifestyle completely changed upside down. I started gaining weight. In addition to it I had an hairline fracture in my lower back and my lower disc between L4 and L5 got dislocated. I also got diagnosed with PCOD. After joining ClubNourish, Dhanashree and Adwait provided a holistic approach towards my fitness journey. They understood my medical condition and guided me step by step. I could lose 15 kg weight. Earlier I was not able to sit for more than 15 mins. Today I am able to do 108 suryanamaskar and 4 mins plank. The best thing is with Dhanashree and Adwait, I have learnt a complete new healthy lifestyle which is going to keep me healthy and active life long.
Tejashree Gundeti - IT Professional - 15kg healthy weight loss

Initially I was reluctant to join this program as I had tried many programs for weight loss. I used Herbalife Nutrition also before but could not get good results. With Adwait I realized that the combination of Herbalife and a good coach work well. I lost 20+ kg and now I am enjoying my health. I could recover all my health problems too. Many thanks to Adwait and Herbalife duo.
Rahul Nanal - Business owner - 20 kg weight loss

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say...

Mandar Sawant, Ratnagiri - 14 Kg Weight Loss

Ankur and Apurva, Weight Loss story of the fit couple

Preevi Jain - Pune - 13kg Weight Loss

Tejashree Gundeti - 15kg healthy weight loss

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say...

Sneha Kale from Hyderabad

Gaurav Joshi from Mumbai

Mona Pereira from Hinjewadi

Ankur Saxena from Pune

Manoj Dash from USA

Are You...

  • Struggling to lose weight, stubborn fat and inches?
  • ​Want to know "how" to lose weight and maintain it instead of just getting a "one-time" plan?
  • ​Want a real "coach" who you can speak with from time to time rather than following a pre-designed programme?
  • ​Too busy to spend time in the gym or cook separately for yourself?
  • ​Struggling to learn how to enjoy social settings with your spouse, family, or friends without feeling the guilt of falling off track?
  • ​Just feeling confused with "Yes carbs or no carbs, Do I really need protein, My metabolism is slow, Should I do cardio or weights, Do I eat 2 times a day or 4 times a day" ... we'll tell you what is fact, vs fiction for YOU!
  • Sick and tired of looking at awesome bodies on Instagram and feeling frustrated?
  • ​Looking for guidance, support and encouragement rather than some challenge or magic diet?
  • ​​If you've answered YES to any of these questions, we want to speak with you! If you qualify, we'll hold a brief 1-1 call to discuss your future, and determine if this is the right fit for you. Just click below to apply!

Megha Garg - IT Professional: I had put of lot of weight post my second pregnancy which led to High Blood Pressure and Depression. I knew Dhanashree for a while and decided to contact her to start my weight loss program.. “I Love food and hate dieting” but it was very easy for me to follow this program as Dhanashree has always been one enthusiastic mentor throughout and explained me all about balanced diet. Occasionally, she'd allow me eat my favorite food . Her mantra “everything in moderation” is actually possible to live by.. Adwait's at-home workouts can fit into even the busiest of schedules. I am so lucky to have a coach who inspires me every day to be better than the day before. I hope I can inspire future champions as you and Adwait have inspired me all these months. You are awesome guys!! Huge respect to both of you

Swati Hegde , Banglore: I was overweight since childhood. And my love for junk food never let me take my health seriously. But over the past 2-3 years, I had put on a lot of weight. I tried yoga and gym but due to lack of dedication, often ended up quitting in a week or two. And that showed no results obviously. But last year when my weight reached 65, it was kind of a wake up call for me to get my life and health on track. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to Club Nourish. I was hesitant initially as I wasn’t sure how this distant program would work. But I joined their weight loss program and followed all the instructions given to me. Dhanashree would connect with me on a regular basis to check on my diet and workout plan and also suggest modifications as needed. And I could gradually see a change in my weight and in my health too. Thank you so much Dhanashree and Club Nourish for everything. It’s been a great journey and I would be looking forward to reach my target weight shortly under your guidance

Amrut Kirpekar, Business Owner: Earlier when I climbed Sinhagad, it took 2 hr 30 mins and the experience was horrible. Post my transformation I climbed in just one hour without halt. This is not about the weight loss, this is the life you gain. Every day I am able to run 10K. This was not at all possible earlier. All thanks to Adwait. The program and the mentoring, the knowledge really helped to get over all the obstacles in life. I am feeling fit and healthy!

Hemant Chaudhary, IT Professional: Because of the hectic lifestyle, i gained a lot of weight and also developed a sleep disorder named 'Sleep Apnea' and i would feel tired the entire day. Doctors advised me to lose weight to improve this condition. Fortunately, i came to know about ClubNourish and i got in touch with Adwait. Ever since i joined I am living a different lifestyle altogether. Journey so far has been splendid. I feel super energetic throughout the day after losing excess weight and my overall productivity at workplace has also improved. I would like to thank Adwait for giving me the right direction.

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