Weight Management

Be it weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance, we help our clients manage their weight with a systematic approach of calorie management, balanced nutrition and good quality exercise.

Fitness Education

What we eat and how we live’ are the two main factors that impact our fitness and wellbeing. We believe that to achieve sustainable results every individual should have complete knowledge about the right aspects of these factors

Personalize Meal Plan

We have a detailed discussion with our clients to understand their lifestyle, routine, eating habits and health condition and accordingly design a meal plan that would help them achieve the best possible result.

Workout Training

Regular Exercise is one of the most important things for overall wellbeing. It is a non negotiable part of our program. However, it is important to note that exercise should be done as per BMI and health condition of an individual and should be done under guidance.

Weekly Consultation

Progress is best achieved when it is monitored in a continuous and consistent manner. We record the weekly progress of all our clients on our online portal. The progress is monitored in terms of physical parameters like weight loss/gain, fat loss, and muscle gain with the help of a bio-impedance machine.

Remote Assistance

Distance does not matter when it comes to achieving great results. We offer online or remote assistance to our clients via internet and all of our outstation clients have achieved fantastic results. Daily reminders, follow up calls, online exercise guidance help them achieve their goals.

Why we are best Weight Loss Center in Wakad

Fitness journey was never a matter of fashion or style.It was always about living a quality life. Providing security to the family.. Loving them in real sense. We could not see ourselves with so many diseases which were causing dis- ease to entire family. Hence we are well known Weight Loss Center in Wakad

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We focus on permanent Transformation